Appearances and mind

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Re: Appearances and mind

Postby username » Mon Sep 12, 2011 10:41 pm

Karma Dondrup Tashi wrote:I think the problem is "of him or herself". The essence is emptiness the nature is luminosity - no him or herself there hence neither any solipsism nor pluralism.

Of course, so simple, I wonder why the philosophical giants of ancient Buddhist India didn't get it like you and debated endlessly as did Tibetan giants. :smile:

But seriously, IMO it is good to contemplate on this endless topic.
Dzogchen masters I know say: 1)Buddhist religion essence is Dzogchen 2)Religions are positive by intent/fruit 3)Any method's OK unless: breaking Dzogchen vows, mixed as syncretic (Milanese Soup) 4)Don't join mandalas of opponents of Dalai Lama/Padmasambhava: False Deity inventors by encouraging victims 5)Don't debate Ati with others 6)Don't discuss Ati practices online 7) A master told his old disciple: no one's to discuss his teaching with some others on a former forum nor mention him. Publicity's OK, questions are asked from masters/set teachers in person/email/non-public forums~Best wishes

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Re: Appearances and mind

Postby Karma Dondrup Tashi » Mon Sep 12, 2011 11:01 pm

I love you too.
The self loathes suffering and loves the causes of suffering. It stupidly wages war in the name of peace. It wishes for enlightenment but detests the path to enlightenment. It wishes to work as a socialist but live as a capitalist. When the self feels lonely, it desires friendship. Its possessiveness of those it loves manifests in passion that can lead to aggression. Its supposed enemies—such as spiritual paths designed to conquer the ego — are often corrupted and recruited as the self’s ally.
Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse

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