‘CEO Monk’ Makes Money From Ancient Culture

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‘CEO Monk’ Makes Money From Ancient Culture

Postby Mr. G » Tue May 31, 2011 6:56 pm

LOS ANGELES—The head abbot of the Shaolin Temple came to Los Angeles last weekend to strengthen his order’s brand and improve its profitability by opening up new markets.

Shi Yongxin, known as the “CEO monk,” heads the Shaolin Temple in China and was the guest of honor at the recent Shaolin Summit held in the Los Angeles Convention Center on May 21.

The Shaolin Temple was known for 1,500 years as a sacred and mysterious center of Chan (Zen) Buddhism that trained extraordinary fighting monks in a mountain enclave in Henan Province, China. Shaolin Gong Fu—popularly known as Kung Fu in the United States—is the traditional martial art of China from which the majority of other East Asian martial arts are said to derive.

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