Mongolian and Oirat Golden Light Sutra

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Mongolian and Oirat Golden Light Sutra

Postby kirtu » Mon Dec 27, 2010 7:30 pm

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Re: Mongolian and Oirat Golden Light Sutra

Postby sherabzangpo » Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:03 pm

The website for the project to translate the 29 and 31 chapter versions of the Sutra of Golden Light from Tibetan into English is now here:

Please check it out! Read the chapters translated thus far, and consider supporting this important project.
In frightening eons of chaos,
In unrefined times of great fear,
Many harmful spirits in the form of monks
Will refer to us with unpleasantries.

Out of respect for the World's Master,
We will strive to feel encouraged, with powerful joy.
Donning the armor of patience,
We shall vigorously expound this Sūtra.

- The Tibetan Lotus Sūtra: Scripture on the Wondrous Dharma of the White Lotus (saddharma puṇḍarīka sūtra, dam pa'i chos pad+ma dkar po'i mdo)
Chapter 12: Encouragement (spro bar bya ba)
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