Lama Jigme Jinpa : Tibetan Land Healing

Lama Jigme Jinpa : Tibetan Land Healing

Postby phantom59 » Tue Jun 05, 2012 5:50 pm

'While we go about our busy daily lives, filled with material objects, activities, goals and projects, there are many unseen forces that strongly determine our success, fulfillment and future happiness. These include internal causes, such as karma patterns, the fruition of our past actions, as well as the outer energetic forces. The effects of the earth and land, stellar forces, emotional imprints and the intersection of numerous spiritual influences, have a tremendous impact on our lives. Traditionally, Tibetan lamas were called upon to perform special rituals, a kind of “technology of the sacred“, including land healing, in order to eliminate negative conditions and enrich and purify the environment and its inhabitants with positive forces. '
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