Atisha's Bodhisattva Vow

Atisha's Bodhisattva Vow

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From Geshe Sonam Rinchen's translation of "Lamp for the Path to Englightenment", verses 26-31: from memory - there are many versions available online:

This is the method that Manjushi used to raise Enlightenment Thought in a former life as the monk Ambaraja according to the sutra "The Ornament of Manjushri's Buddhafield" :

In the presence of the Protectors*
I arouse the intention to gain full enlightenment
I invite all beings as my quests
and shall free them from cyclic existence

From this moment onwards
until I attain full enlightenment
I shall not harbour harmfull thoughts,
anger, avarice or envy.

I shall cultivate pure conduct,
give up wrongdoing and desire
and with joy in the vow of discipline
and train myself to follow the Buddhas

I shall not be eager to reach enlightenment in the quickest way
but shall stay behind for the sake of a single being

I shall purify limitless, inconceivable lands
and remain in the ten directiions for all those
who call my name

I shall purify my bodily and verbal
forms of activity,
my mental activities too I shall purify
and do nothing which is non-virtuous

* The Protectors here refers to the Buddhas
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