A bit on Bodhichitta :)

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A bit on Bodhichitta :)

Postby Caz » Sun Apr 17, 2011 3:49 pm

Pinched this from a friends facebook page thought it was inspiring :twothumbsup:

A Geshe once said that any action we do with bodhichitta motivation is the Path of Accumulation. He also said that "since we gain the experience of bodhichitta we are bodhisattvas - actual, or similar - like bodhisattvas, lineage of bodhisattvas". What is a bodhisattva other than someone who is motivated to become a Buddha for the benefit of all? so when we have bodhichitta, for those moments, surely we are a bodhisattva because our mind is the same as those who have stable and spontaneous bodhichitta. When we lose our bodhichitta we are not longer a bodhisattva, but we can be (or 'like' a bodhisattva) for those moments that we have it.

Now is the time to Generate Bodhichitta ! :namaste:
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