Emperor Liang's Repentance

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Emperor Liang's Repentance

Postby Alix1112 » Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:09 pm

Hi everyone,

My first post here - I am from Canada's Westcoast and have not been a Buddhist practitioner for very long and am still learning alot of things. I practice Chinese Mahayana Buddhism and took the Three Jewel Refuge only about a few weeks ago. The Ullambana (Ghost) Festival is coming up and our temple is going to be chanting Emperor Liang's Repentence service for it. I was just curious generally about it's history, creation etc - sorry if this is a stupid question!

I know it was created to cleanse the karma of Emperor Liang's consort whom had passed away at a very early age and been reincarnated into a large, foul looking snake with worms literally chewing at it's belly as retribution for abusing her position as an Empress, abusing palace staff and maids, and general bad deeds. The snake one evening was said to have approached the Emperor in his private quarters and explained the situation to him. The Emperor consulted with Ch'an (Zen) Masters following the encounter and he had ten chapters of this repentance text commissioned - after the ceremony was performed, his wife's spirit was successfully released from it's...erm....serpent vessel.

If anyone knows anything more about it, please share! :namaste:
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I will appear in the form of scriptures.
Consider them as identical to me,
And treat them with due respect.

- Sakyamuni Buddha

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Re: Emperor Liang's Repentance

Postby Huifeng » Thu Aug 01, 2013 2:02 am


If you can check out the Yahoo Group site <fgseliturgy> there should be some relevant files there.
You'll have to sign up to become a member, a very quick and easy process.
Don't worry, if you sign up, you won't get spammed. The Group site is presently mainly used as a storage site for such files.

Elsewhere, you can check out my Blog (see signature line below). I don't have the Emperor Liang Repentance on the site, but do have a number of other PDF texts of a range of Chinese liturgical material. Feel free to check it out, and download whatever you may like.

~~ Huifeng

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Re: Emperor Liang's Repentance

Postby plwk » Thu Aug 01, 2013 4:53 am

If these are of any assistance...

Liang Huang Jewelled Repentance Ceremony
The Significance of Emperor Liangwu Dharma Assembly and the Importance of Repentance in Buddhism
If you can read Chinese, google for the paper in its original, otherwise, just a short intro in English:
The Imports and Significances of the Dharma-gate of Repentance in Liang Huang Bao Cheng

My personal fav collection, a 20 CD collection chant of the Repentance from Fo Guang Shan, if interested, one can enquire from the local Fo Guang Shan chapters in your country for the collection: Promo Video Sample videos of the Repentance chants

Another sample version, sung & chanted Repentance: Parts 1-10

Sounds of the Dharma: Buddhism and Music
Repentance Practices in Western Buddhist Contexts
The Performance of Buddhist Baiqi in Contemporary Taiwan
The most extensive puja in Chinese Mahayana Buddhism: The Great Festival to Liberate All Beings of Water and Land

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Re: Emperor Liang's Repentance

Postby plwk » Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:46 am

phpBB [video]

Found this recent video of a classical opera play of the Repentance. It's set in the Chinese Fujian dialect but has English subtitles. Enjoy!

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Re: Emperor Liang's Repentance

Postby Victory543 » Fri Sep 16, 2016 4:56 pm

Here’s a summary of the main points of each chapter or roll of Liang Huang Bao Chan (the Emperor Liang Repentance).

Chapter One explains the necessity of repentance.
Chapter Two extols the virtue of bringing forth the bodhi resolve (the intention to become enlightened) and exhorts everyone to make vows and to dedicate merit.
Chapter Three explains how current suffering is due to an individual’s previous deeds.
Chapter Four describes the various hells and the deeds that cause beings to fall into the hells.
Chapter Five and Six explain how to dispel enmity and resolve animosity by emulating bodhisattvas (enlightened beings).
Chapter Seven encourages everyone to cultivate by relying on the Three Treasures - the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. Participants also start bowing to the the Buddhas on behalf of heavenly beings, ascetic masters and Brahma kings.
In Chapter Eight participants continue bowing to the Buddhas on behalf of asuras, dragon kings, demon kings, human kings, and other in the human realm.
In Chapter Nine participants continue bowing to the Buddhas on behalf of those in the various hells, the realm of hungry ghosts and those in the animal realm.
In Chapter Ten participants learn about the bodhisattva’s Dharma of dedicating merit and virtue to living beings, sincerely wishing that their vows will be fulfilled and that they will accomplish bodhi.

The Buddhist Text Translation Society (www.buddhisttexts.org) will publish a complete English translation of this book in 2016. The title will be

"Repentance Ritual of the Emperor of Liang: A complete translation of Repentance Dharma of Kindness and Compassion in the Bodhimanda"

ISBN 978-1-60103-087-0 paperback
ISBN 978-1-60103-086-3 ebook

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