Study, reflection and meditation - refuge precept.

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Study, reflection and meditation - refuge precept.

Postby Inge » Tue Mar 02, 2010 9:23 pm

In An Essential Instruction on Refuge and Bodhichitta, Patrul Rinpoche gives the following summary of one of the refuge precepts:

"Exert yourself in studying, reflecting and meditating on the sacred Dharma. Show respect even for torn scriptures that represent the Dharma."

I wonder how you apply this precept in your practice. What amount of study, refelection and meditation do you do, and do you give the three aspects equal attention?

Are there an ideal way to distribute time and effort between the three?

Let's say I have one hour at hand, and want to study a sutra. Should I first read 20 minutes, then reflect 20 minuts and then meditate 20 minutes? Or is it better to furst study/read the whole sutra in one or more sessions, then reflect for a similar amount of time and then the same with meditation?

I have also seen that the term meditation is used in some texts, and the term contemplation in others. Is meditation and contemplation the same thing?

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Re: Study, reflection and meditation - refuge precept.

Postby Dexing » Tue Mar 02, 2010 11:16 pm


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