Advice on worldly affairs

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Advice on worldly affairs

Postby florin » Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:27 pm

I am a vajarayana buddhist(kagyu School) and planning to buy a house.

The problem is i haven't had any success yet for 2 months in a row.
In my country we don't have the culture of going to an estate agent and ask him to search for the house you want.

So i decided to search for it myself by going from village to village every day. There are lots of houses where nobody lives in because the owners have moved to cities. I had contacted many of them but they don't want to sell .It is not a question of me not having enough money and trying to force them into a little profitable affair for them.No , is not like that. I have enough money to buy the exact property i want and to offer the price the property deserves but had not much success in finding one.

So now my question is how can i increase my luck or what sort of practice can i do to succeed in this venture.I am only familiar with vajrayana practices.

It could be a question of merit.I may not have enough merit.

Another thing is that i really don't know how to look at this situation from a buddhist point of view.

Does it somehow mean that i shouldn't try to buy a house and do something else or what?
I don't know how to see this.

I need advice on this situation because i feel that i am stuck and don't know how to proceed further.
Any advice and thoughts on this matter will be much appreciated.
Thank you.


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Re: Advice on worldly affairs

Postby muni » Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:54 pm

With desire the seeking for a house is having easely dissatisfaction included. Find a solution in which things need not so strongly and quick.

The less desire for own benefit: the less suffering. I should not forcefully seek. No worldly clinging and take the path.

Many lives on streets; when one buy a house, make the wish others will have protection of a roof.

Mantras for merit:

Jang Chub Sempa Chenpo
Kuntu Zangpo La Chag Tse Lo (3x)

Tayatha Om Pentsa Driya Ava Bodhi Nay Svaha (7x)

Om Duru Duru
Dzaya Mukhe Svaha (7)

Good luck!
Projecting onto others is projecting onto projections. The answer lies in us, not in the other.

Don’t investigate the root of things,
Investigate the root of Mind!
Once the mind’s root has been found,
You’ll know one thing, yet all is thereby freed.
But if the root of Mind you fail to find,
You will know everything but nothing
understand. Guru Rinpoche.

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