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Future Forgotten

Postby Qing Tian » Mon Aug 26, 2013 9:46 pm

Interesting article

This is largely how I thought the future would happen. As life progressed however I feel a certain sense of despair that this fine idea will not happen until after a global catastrophe, if at all. I am reasonably sure a lot of people would lvoe to live like this but no doubt there will always be those who seek to disrupt the social fabric. It doesn't appear that the architect has a formal connection to buddhist thought and yet his ideas resonate with it. Creating the conditions for harmonious living may seem naievely utopian, and perhaps it is impossible to achieve without a major paradigm shift in people's perspectives.

“Not till your thoughts cease all their branching here and there, not till you abandon all thoughts of seeking for something, not till your mind is motionless as wood or stone, will you be on the right road to the Gate.”
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