What happened here?

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What happened here?

Postby Buddhist Prime » Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:32 am

(About 20 years ago, this happened to me)
Actually, before I knew as much as I do now, I was working as a security
officer at an airport. On one day after getting off of work, I was in my car
listening to 107.5 the buzz late at night when Sex Phones came on, people
talking about weird sex things.

Anyways this man asked if it was possible to bust a nut without jerking off.
The doctor said yes if you concentrated very hard you could do it, in fact
women can do it easier, because their muscles are on the inside, and they
can just squeeze themselves to joy.

I thought, sh:t that would be cool, I'm at work, my boss pisses me off, then
I would just sit back, concentrate, and ooh-ahh overcome that negative BS.
So I decided to do this when I got home to do an experiment!

After I got home, got in the shower, I started thinking dirty thoughts, and
my little Gohan went Supersaiyan. The shower was actually one of those
bathtub shower ones with a shower curtain.
Behind me is the shower head, to my right the shower curtain, in front and
to my left are the two adjacent walls. In each of the corners are two
shelves that hold soap and shampoo stuff. On the top shelf is this big
bottle of Horse Mane Conditioner.

After about 10 minutes of serious concentration, a strange feeling like the
ones experienced in OBE related sensations, of my consciousness pulling
itself up thru my legs, out of the arms, everything centralizing in the
middle of me and slowly raising up thru my body finally stopped somewhere in
my head, sahasra or ajna chakra, I'm not sure, by this time I'm looking
straight up, in a state of OMG WTF is going on here. Then my head bowed down
involuntarily and I was looking straight at that Conditioner bottle, when
all of sudden I felt that energy build up exit the area between my eyebrows,
and saw the Conditioner bottle shoot right off the shelf, a couple of flips
then landed. Everything happened like a split second after the energy

I was blown away, I figured there's gotta be a logical reason for what
happened, maybe the shower head's water hit it off, but the water came no
where near it. Maybe one of my family members hit the other side of the
bathroom wall in the laundry room and that did it, unfortunately no one was
home yet. And the bottle was full, it had weight.

That day I realized the potential power in the sexual urge, and how to
channel it, from that day on everything changed for me.

It took me an additional 10 years, from Christianity, all of the religions,
and finally with Buddhism being able to answer it, but I just want other's thoughts on this.
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Re: What happened here?

Postby Dechen Norbu » Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:50 pm

Probably it was something in the water, mate... :lol:

Seriously though, I have no idea. Some telekinesis going on, maybe? Or a hallucination, as it's always possible. No way of us knowing, I guess.
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Re: What happened here?

Postby LastLegend » Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:53 pm

It is a side effect of excessive masturbation. In your case mind masturbation.


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