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Re: i am... I am not

Postby ram peswani » Fri Apr 22, 2011 8:31 am

Pacific wrote:this kind of talk is tied to a lot of self view [& wrong view]. The question i'd most like to the answwer to is.... what are you going on about?

creating my universe.....explained further

I have observed aged persons (75 and above) develop some interest logical or illogical to survive.
1. My mother aged 81 would count change (ruppees) everyday which she had saved and collected over a period of time .
2. My grand mother aged 80 before death would like to accompany every family outing and get very upset if left behind even for her sake.
3. My maternal grand father always liked to file court cases even when he was above 90 for petty reasons.
4. etc. etc.
For ignorants I give above reasons for my following desire (given below) which keeps me going on in this life.

About 10 years in himalays I visited an ashram of wise saints. They asked me what is this "Suniata".
This is what I told them...
Suniata is and is not.
It is zero as well as infinite simultaneously.
All the universes come of it and yet it remains neither less nor more.
What ever universes are given birth by Suniata are thrown out once for all to die or wither away.
It is everywhere yet nowhere.
All the space is created by it, yet it cannot be located in any part of space.
It has given birth to time yet it is timeless.
If one goes after Suniata one gets disolved in Suniata, be it God, Super God, Buddha, or Adi Buddha.
But Buddhas have created Wisdom sons around them to become eternal (life span chapter 16 of lotus sutra)
Suniata is source of all power in universe yet it is totally powerless in Itself.
By abiding in Suniata one will be a true layman (powerless), yet power will surround and protect him (because of Buddhas cosmic rain)

The wise ones listened to me and one person said that "i have read something like this in Vedas. Yet i do not understand it."
I stayed with them for 2 or 3 days. They gave me all the love, respect and comfort and left me with my Suniata alone.

My desire is to create a Universe of my own which will be moving the evolution of existance higher to all the universes that Buddhas prophesied or ruled before Nirvan in the past.

I have liked the univese that layman Purna Maitrayputtra (chapter 8 of lotus sutra) is creating, but I am thinking of improvement over this.
He was not a major disciple of Guatam Buddha, but Guatam Buddha reserved the best prophesy for him. He gave Purna the credit for the knowledge of Suniata (which he said is missing in others) and also mentioned that Purna though a pretended layman has served many Buddhas earlier and in fact is following the path of bhoddhisatva.

Purna's Universe is having no role of women.

While I believe that bisex has given variety and creativity along with Wisdom a big boost. Ofcouse it has brought out problems of diseases, old age and sufferings, which are missing in Purnas' universe.

My universe on our type of earth will have three separate continents.

One continent will populate men and women with all its problems.

Second continent will be far away and will give entrance to only unisex persons who qualify and can become citizens of this continent.Purna's universe will be the model.

The third continent will be in the air and the persons will grow out from second continent only later to fade away to Nirvan leaving behind Wisdom laws for future generations.

first and second continents can communicate, similarly second and third continent can also communicate. But first and third can not normally communicate (exceptions will be there).

The persons who will not or cannot desire to grow towards immortality will die away in first continent and will be reborn.

These separate continents are required as this growth happens only in quantum jumps in nature.

Beleive me or not, but I have a full faith in myself backed by years of experience.
Supporting confidence comes for following reasons.

1. Rare insight given to me on 30th june 1992.(I have already in earlier letter on this site described the miracle)
2. This insight was the cause of arising of Wisdom on Lotus Sutra and subsequent understanding of Lotus Sutra.
3. Arising of Extra ordinary faith and devotion to Buddhas of past and present and future
4. This rare insight gave me methods of successfuly changing my physical body and mental nature over past many years.
5. Many many small and major events connecting my inner changes and outer physical world have happened in past years.
6. Even past months is also not free from connected inner cosmic changes in my body and outer world.
7. I have designed my future univese after studying and practically observing communities already existing (Hare Krishna and Braham kumaris, Rajnesh Nityanand, Satya sai Baba etc.).
8. I have analysed the causes of their limited growth and causes behind problems they have faced in the past.
9. Hardly anyone understands Suniata or Vehical as mentioned in Lotus sutra, But I am sure that i have repeatedly experienced both the Vehical and Suniata and am able to express their effects and raminifications.
10.I have also experienced limitations of time and space. Their variation in different planes and can explain it in electronic language
11.I have been successfully using this knowledge for transceding my physical body and it is of my primary concern that I develop this physical body to the extent that it appears as a miracle to others (may be by my next birth) and gives impetus to hear out my knowledge. Human beings are ready to accept and adopt the teachings faster if they see a miracle. My physical body should reach a stage of perfect health (target 32 special features of Buddha body) even in this unbeliever world with plenty of negative emotions and should be able to fly at will and demonstrate the same to a limited selective people and thus grow their faith and number to populate my universe.

I have written many letters on your site and each everyone of them will clarify my faith in power of creation of this univese thro me.

And if you disagree, leave it to my old age survival whims and rather not create negative karmas in your self.

P.S....Even my loving family will be amazed at reading this letter and wonder at such a common looking old man having such a lofty ambition inside him. But I would like them to read Purna in lotus sutra, whom Guatam Buddha had recogonised. And Purna has left no mark in history of this earth as he came as a layman, became old and died without creaating a ripple. It was left to Guatam buddha to pick him out and announce (but not bestow) an astounding prophesy and declared that he is the only one present here among laymen to know and explain Suniata.
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sleep and Guatam Buddha

Postby ram peswani » Tue Jun 05, 2012 4:06 am

Was He always AWARE after Guatam Buddha achieved enlightment under the Bodhi tree in Gaya ?
Did this AWARENESS result in complete absence of SLEEP thereafter?
Is there any Sutra where absence of SLEEP is mentioned?

I have been losing sleep over these above questions since a last few days.Can anyone kindly enlighten me on these questions?
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Re: sleep and Guatam Buddha

Postby Sherab Dorje » Tue Jun 05, 2012 6:38 pm

ram peswani wrote:I have been losing sleep over these above questions since a last few days.Can anyone kindly enlighten me on these questions?
It's quite simple my dear Ram: it is time for you to stop counting everyday the metaphysical ruppees which you have saved and collected over the period of your life.

That's the honest truth.
"My religion is not deceiving myself."
Jetsun Milarepa 1052-1135 CE
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Re: i am... I am not

Postby greentara » Sun Jun 24, 2012 1:49 am

After practicing Buddhism for a while, ones mind eventually becomes detached to some extent and then it becomes possible to understand the real meaning of sunyata. Meditation is useful but it doesn't mean just sitting there and thinking about something. The main goals are quieting the mind and overcoming our vices.
After reading the above statement. I ask, how is it possible to be detached to some extent and yet understand the real meaning of sunyata?
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