evolutionary tree of buddhist schools

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evolutionary tree of buddhist schools

Postby Aemilius » Mon Jan 03, 2011 9:36 am

Some time ago I saw a dream in which I was in a room with Guru Rimpoche, one wall of the room was a map, in this map were two rivers, the two rivers branched into two new rivers each. These four rivers hed their twists and turns, gradually their distance from each other grew wider and wider. I understood telepathically that the two rivers were the Gelugpa school and the Nyingma school, both of whom have branched into two separate schools. These four schools produce different results, different destinies. Like in the tree of the biological evolution there are different branches that result in different species. The situation of Nyingma is less well known than is the the situation of Gelugpa. It is far too early to say what the results of these different branches will be. In the dream the four rivers were of equal size, no qualitative difference was evident.
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