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Water 水

Postby NIRMAL2 » Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:08 pm

We bought a new water dispenser(water filter) in March 2013, . I did not quite like the taste of the water but I kept drinking it. In April, I lost my appetite and started to vomit after taking food.Everything was thrown up. I was wearing size 38 pants then and now I wear size 34. My muscles ached and I had shivers of cold quite often. At times, I could hardly walk 10 steps and often went out of breath.I had no more energy and just sat on the sofa all day long.My mouth was dry. I could not sit for meditation and even stopped chanting as I had almost given up hope.Three months passed and I was almost reduced to bone and skin.My tongue turned white. I had to sit on a stool to take a bath as I could not even stand for a few minutes.The doctors were lost and could not trace the source of my problem.Then Amitayus and Sai Baba of Shirdi came in my dreams.I offered food, Punjabi cakes and a glass of water to Sai Baba of Shirdi. He only drank the water and disappeared. After much thought and eliminating all possible causes to my health problem, the new water dispenser came to my mind.I stopped drinking water from my new water dispenser and switched back to my old water dispenser.It worked. Today is the twenty-fifth day and I have regained my appetite and my strength.My saliva has stared flowing and I do not vomit. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.All my family members are still using the new water dispenser and they have no problems with it.Water dispensers work for most people and very, very few have problems with them. I would like to thank my Master for being with me throughout my ordeal and assuring me that I would find the solution to my problems as I had a very long life and for repeatedly saying that I had no sickness or disease at all. That meant a lot to me and kept me going.
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