When people say "teach me"

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When people say "teach me"

Postby TaTa » Wed Mar 27, 2013 4:58 pm

Hi. Im very open with people about my buddhist thoughts. I have a lot of friends that are very close to me and they can see how much time i spend working on the buddhist path. Of curse i dont go around trying to evangelize people into buddhism but i do talk about the benefits of meditation, and I also get asked about it. The problem is when people ask you to teach them how to meditate. Of curse, i am no master, i have only been on this path for a year. I usually give them a book, or show them some dharma talks. Maybe some basic instructions on shine. This is hapening more and more and if i do "teach" i try to do it out of compassion because im really exited about the benefits of meditation and i think it would be grate if more people learn this but sometimes im worried about doing this out of pride in more subtle levels which im not able to fully perceive.

Is anyone else in this situation? Maybe some advice..! Thanks.
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Re: When people say "teach me"

Postby PadmaVonSamba » Thu Mar 28, 2013 5:28 am

It is probably good to just refer others to sources that you have found useful. If you have studied from a teacher or picked up something along the way, you can share that, but you should preface what you share with something like, "My understanding is..." --because you can only go as far as your own understanding, and even then, you can only hope that your own understanding is correct.
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Re: When people say "teach me"

Postby greentara » Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:15 pm

One should always suspect the need to teach is based on ego ....as if truth, needed reinforcing or conviction. Or proselytizing.

Most people like to put on a show. Whether that show is happening in the stories which we tell, the meditation tips, the look of delight on the faces of the listeners. Truth has an utter lack of ownership. If you don't know what the truth is, be honest with yourself and others say 'I don't fully understand it or I really don't know for sure'
Or best of all is to say 'I still have my doubts'
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Re: When people say "teach me"

Postby Spirituality » Tue Apr 23, 2013 10:26 am

One of the signs you're ready to teach is when people start asking you to teach. And as long as you don't start organizing retreats and setting yourself up as a teacher, I don't think the pride thing is likely to be a motivating force - though of course it may come up in your mind.

Traditionally you would ask your own teacher for advice on this. If they think you're ready to teach, you're ready to try. If they don't think you're ready, you can continue doing what you have been doing: referring people to books and to teachers that have helped you.

Stick to authenticity: so teach what you know, what you have experienced and do share your doubts as well.
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