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Postby LionelTeo » Sun Sep 29, 2013 1:19 am

Good Morning Reason and Ryhme,

You have made a really great point regarding leading monastic life. :twothumbsup:

Here's another point regarding leading a monastic life.

While living a monastic life is the best choice, but we shouldn't be too self centered to just think of trying not to have attachement to others, we have also to consider the attachment people have to us. Some of us may not be in the right condition at all to lead a monastic life, if breaking the attachment of others, simply just for the pursuit of englighthenment, if we have to hurt others in the process for enlighthenment, then what is a purpose of simply chasing after enlighthenment.

A local celebrity in my country recently has just been ordained as a monk at the age of 53. He quit the enetertainment industry and studied buddism for 8 years. After which, the conditions could have been right for his life, that his parents could have passed away and he could easily give up his monastic life without hurting anyone.

Afterall, enlightenment is just the word that was use to describe putting the a stop to craving for satisfaction, negative karma and rebirth. Couldn't lay people stop producing negative karma, stop the rebirth of influencing negative karma to others, and be satisfied with our life with a simple home and family as well? After all, the Buddha I knew aim to teach people not to suffer, live a life of compassionm kindness, self happiness and learn to satisfied with our life, in his sermon is didn't mention regarding about to living a monastic life for enlighthenment purpose, but simply guides people to find their own enlighthenment.

My Wisdom could have been much shallow than other people here. So they could also make a valid point regarding leading a monastic life as well. My interpretion is the best I understand and know from the first wheel of dharma which is four noble truth. Perhaps, the 2nd wheel and 3rd wheel of the dharma regarding the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras and the Sutra Discriminating the Intention could have give some deeper insight to a monastic life, which I haven't covered and wouldn't be sure about this.

I believe there are people with greater wisdom out there they can perhaps, shed a better light to this point. :smile:

Anyway, I wish you have a great weekend this week. :smile:
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