Anti-Tibetan Buddhism Signs

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Re: Anti-Tibetan Buddhism Signs

Postby 5heaps » Fri May 31, 2013 12:29 am

its nicely organised, but theyre now facing lawsuits
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Re: Anti-Tibetan Buddhism Signs

Postby M.G. » Wed Jul 03, 2013 10:11 pm

Don't know about the situation in Asia, but I've noticed that in some "liberal" (whatever that means) circles I've encountered in the Northeastern United States, it's actually fashionable to bash Tibetan religious culture as a way of proving one's secularist bona fides.
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Re: Anti-Tibetan Buddhism Signs

Postby flavio81 » Wed Jul 10, 2013 4:57 am

Indrajala wrote:In Taiwan there are some people quite opposed to Tibetan Buddhism. On one of the main train lines they have these announcements plastered on the side of a building (I took these today):


To be honest, i don't feel too bad about these signs.

As pointed out by others, Vajaryana should for the most part be kept secret or in any case not publicized but taught only to people that are interested in it. It is just too easy to be misinterpreted, misjudged. Some tibetan writings mention this explicitely. Not only the Chinese government has some issues with it; even many Theravada practitioners show some contemption to Tibetan Buddhism, and i can't blame them when i put myself in their shoes.

I feel that the most valuable teachings are the ones that do not require any kind of publicity, because their value is extremely high when recognized by a suitable student. On the opposite of such spectrum are the spiritual traditions that require aggressive publicity (i.e. fanatical evangelical christianism). No matter how many "Tibetan buddhism is evil" ads are placed in the media, people with the capacity and the connection will value the teachings. Just as advanced math courses are widely regarded as "boring" and "not useful for daily life"...

As for the Chinese government versus HHDL, lately i've learnt not to believe anything posted by the official Chinese news. The damage done by Mao Tse Tung to its people (and to the world) is so vast and enduring that Stalin or Hitler seem tiny evils in comparison. I really feel sorry for the Chinese people. Thousands of years ago they were super-advanced spiritually and culturally.
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Re: Anti-Tibetan Buddhism Signs

Postby Alfredo » Fri Sep 27, 2013 3:54 am

Sorry to contribute so late, really want to know about this group? Really really...? Okay, someone asked the same question on a forum for expats living in Taiwan. Someone else went and visited the group in question, which is called Zhengjue or True Enlightenment, whereupon a representative took note of the forum and began answering questions on it. ... 1&t=102003

The discussion devolved, I kid you not, into a Tibetan-style debate. A later thread focuses on the positive beliefs of the group, as opposed to their opposition to Tibetan Buddhism: ... 1&t=102463

Strangely, the group seems at once to support the Tibetan Jonangpa tradition, and to oppose all tantric practice. I despair of squaring this particular circle, but perhaps some desperate anthropologist will make the group an object of fieldwork.
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