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Post number information

Postby Blue Garuda » Fri Aug 03, 2012 1:35 pm

I recently read a post my a member who said it was his first, yet the personal info on the post read: ''Posts: 5 ''. As I use 'View Active Topics' this impression was compounded as it appeared to be the newest when in fact it was just the latest thread answered.

The information on a person's post tally is therefore asynchronous with the post being read, and not much help.

Could the system attach an actual number to each post, so that the info reads, in this case, 'Post Number: 1'.

This would enable us to immediately see the order in which a member has posted, and the total at that time.

If a member has thousands of posts, it would also help us find a particular post in that member's history when we 'Search User's Posts' .
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