Mahamudra meditation problem: locating the mind

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Re: Mahamudra meditation problem: locating the mind

Postby TaTa » Fri Jul 18, 2014 10:46 pm

Wayfarer wrote:
I think it is more useful and realistic to acknowledge that 'mind' is something that must always escape precise definition, on the basis that such things as definitions depend on mind, rather than vice versa. The instinctively naturalistic approach is always to try and locate phenomena in time and space, but it is the mind which provides that very framework. This is not only the province of Buddhism or paranormal research; philosophers such as Edmund Husserl have made the same point. But getting that point is very much a matter of a change in perspective - like a gestalt shift or something of that nature.

This is very interesting. Thank you. I will keep this in "mind" hehe.

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Re: Mahamudra meditation problem: locating the mind

Postby Justmeagain » Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:44 am

Matt J wrote:I don't know about Mahamudra but I am very familiar with the mind-brain issue. However, this is an illusory problem--- for to say the mind creates the brain or the brain creates the mind is to introduce the mind and brain as separate objects, the idea of causation, and many other limitations. I have found that if I am to look closely, I see no boundary wherein the mind is on one side and the brain on the other, or where the mind is here and the universe is there, or where the brain is here and the rest of the world is there.


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